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To live your spirit, you must make changes in your life, some of which may feel too overwhelming or intimidating to initiate. This is just a ploy on the part of your ego to discourage your spirit and turn your back to living in fear. Meet the challenges of living your spirit head on, but approach it with a plan. Break your changes down into daily, doable, bite size tasks. First write down your goal, then approach it one step at a time. Do only one or two things everyday to address your aspiration. Of its to become more physicly active, for example, start your day 20 minutes earlier. Walk around the block; do so again, a second time , in the opposite direction and you are done for the day. If your goal is to change jobs, Start by writing down what you love, then make one call to ask for help or refresh your resume. You are done for the day. Do one more thing tomorow. In other words, whatever objective your spirit has, break it down to one or two small daily tasks, and do only that for today. Do the same the next day.
We make changes best in modest, bite size increments. Forget the sweeping transformations, this is much too threatening for the ego to allow. Sneak in small sublets adjustments every day until you reach the goal. You’ll be there before you know it.

Reading and card from: The Answer Is Simple Oracle Cards by Sonia Choquette.


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