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Sleepy Time Pillow Mist Recipe


Insomnia? Stress and worry keeping you up? Mind can’t stop talking? Well I’ve got just the recipe for you!
Sleepy Time Pillow Mist. Weather you have trouble falling asleep or just need to relax a bit, this pillow mist will be your nightime best friend.
Easy to make, smells wonderful and really works.
Similar to my homade perfume recipe, but utilizing essential oils that help sleep and stress and that are super relaxing and calming.

You will need:

• 4oz glass bottle in amber color or Cobalt blue color ( helps keep light out, and glass is better to use with essential oils instead of plastic)

• Vodka ( helps essential oils to dissolve and perserve the recipe for months instead of days with just water)

• Glycerin ( helps scent to last longer)

• Essential oils of Lavender, Cederwood, Chamomile, Morjoram, Patchouli and Geranium.


1. Fill the 4oz glass bottle 3/4 of the way with vodka, making sure beforehand that you have cleaned and sanitized the bottle.

2. Add in 1 tablespoon glycerin to the vodka and shake to mix.

3. Add in 5 drops Patchoulli  essential oil, 10 drops cederwood, 10 drops morjoram, 5 drops geranium, 10 drops chamomile and 20 drops of lavender.

4. Shake bottle to mix.

5. Fill the rest of the bottle with more vodka to fill the top and shake to mix again.

6. Slap on a label and your sleepy time mist is ready to be used.

7. Spray a couple sprays on each of your pillows you sleep on and your blanket if you want.

If the initial smell after its made is not strong enough for you, feel free to add more drops of any essential oil you like the best in this list until you get your desired strength but please note that over a few weeks time this mist will get stronger as time goes on, so at least wait and see if it’s strong enough for you or not after a few weeks.


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