Principles of Forgiveness


Pain, dissapointment and hurt are all part of life. Could you go without all the times someone has ever hurt you or let you down or done something you consider unforgivable? Probably, but you probably wouldn’t be as strong as you are now and not know what you know now if it didn’t happen to you right? Sometimes pain, hurt and dissapointment are necessary to grow and learn but so is forgiveness is a necessary part of life.
Holding grudges puts a burden on your body, mind and soul, it can create physical problems and spiritual blocks.
It is important to forgive, not for the other persons sake, but for yourself. You are not condoning them, you are just giving peace of mind to yourself. It is not necessary to ever talk to that person again or be artificially nice to them to forgive them, you just need to forgive them and move on.
Yes it is a challenge and can be hard, but it’s something you have to do for yourself if you truly want to move on and heal.

Here are The Principles Of Forgiveness to help you forgive and start living your life again:

1. Forgiveness is a deeply profound acceptance of our holyness.

2. Forgiveness is a total acceptance that we are all equill.

3. Forgiveness is honoring the devine in others and ourselves.

4. Forgiveness is the moment we let love be our source of power.

5. Forgiveness is the welcome home to peace.

6. Forgiveness is the awakening of our inner vision.

7. Forgiveness is remembering our innocence.

8. Forgiveness is loving ourselves enough to not accept bad behavior.

9. Forgiveness is when someone else’s errors no longer effect our happiness.

10. Forgiveness is opening to a love that’s ever present.

11. Forgiveness digests toxicity and initiates healing.

12. Forgiveness is the remembering that we can never really be hurt, for nothing can tarnish our soul.


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