Oracle Cards

Oracle card of the day

A daily oracle card draw for anyone reading this. Remember it’s no coincidence you are reading this! Everything happens for a reason, so maybe the universe is trying to give you a message 🙂


Attachment (reversed)

This card reversed is a wonderful indicator that an old negative pattern, relationship, or desperate attitude is being released.
As you continue to let go,
You will be able to establish new ways of
Doing things and relating to others.
The universe wants to congratulate you
On your healthy new approach, but be sure to support the changes you are
Making in your ongoing choices.
Some patterns can be deeply encoded,
And you may need to continue releasing
The old habits, all the while honoring
The new dicisions in your thoughts,
Actions and interactions with others.
You’ve broken the chains and now you
Can walk away from the limiting attachments into a bright and unlimited future.


I release attachment and choose peace.
I am strong, free and able to choose
What honors me.


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