Massage For Dogs


Just like humans, dogs can benefit from massage. There are a wide range of benefits associated with massaging your dog.

1. Helps reduce stress for both you and your dog- If your dog has been under lots of stress for some reason massage can help calm them down by relaxing them and getting rid of tension in their bodies. Massaging your dog can also help you with reducing stress by focusing tour attention on your dog and taking care of their needs.

2. Reduces pain- Massage can help reduce pain in dogs with arthritis and inflammation, as long as your touch is gentle on the pain areas.

3. Circulation- Like massage helps us with circulation, so does it our dogs. This is good esspecially if you have an older or inactive/lazy dog.

4. Calms an anxious, aggressive or a fearful dog by relaxing them and releasing tension and stress, the gentle comforting touch of massage ensures your that they are loved and are safe.

5. Strengthens bond between you and your dog- Dogs need love, affection  and touch. Massaging your dog provides your dog with the love, affection and touch that they thrive on, and in turn they will love and trust you even more.

6. Helps release stuck energy in their bodies/muscles- Dogs need energy clearing now and then too, if a dog has been through truama, it will hold this truama energy in their body until it is cleared and dogs are also sensitive to their surrounding and human energy and emotions, they will absorb our negative and fearful emotions and energy, ever hear of those stories where a owner gets sick/ gets a disease and then later the pet does too with the same exact thing? Massaging your dog helps release this stuck  energy in their body (usually muscles) and helps balance their whole body meridians, after this you will find that your fearful, or aggressive or lethargic dog is back to being playful and sweet and energetic.

Massaging your dog has alot of benefits, and it would only take 5 minutes of your time, if you love your furry friend, treat it with a nice massage now and then and you will both reap the benefits!

Tips of Massaging your dog:

1. Use firm pressure but don’t push so hard, be extra gentle with older dogs and dogs with arthritis/pain areas.

2. Don’t rush through it, waiting for it to be over so you can get on with something else. That’s showing your dog you don’t care, and dogs can sense stuff like that, be patient, and so will your dog, go slow and steady.

3. Don’t force the massage on your dog, if your dog gets up and leaves let it, they don’t want the massage, just try again another time when they are ready.

4. Stop immediately if the dog shows signs of discomfort or pain.

Here is a picture to help show what areas you should focus your massage on.


Massaging the ears.


Other techniques in massaging your dog



Massaging the paws and reflexology/Accupressure charts




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