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The Power Of Surrender Cards


The power of surrender cards review

I really really love these cards.
First off when I first opened this deck, the energy was just so peaceful and uplifting! The colors are vibrant and and the borders of the cards are so beautiful, colorful and different ! 🙂
The illustrations on this deck is beyond gorgeous, there are some real looking people illustrations, but they aren’t very creepy looking (example in energy oracle cards) and the art in this deck varies and has animals with polar bears in the card “surrender to recieving support and love” and dolphins in the card “surrender to miracles” , cards of people, cards of nature and places (such as a beautiful clocktower on the card “Surrender to devine timing” and a mysterious and mesmerizing castle in the card “surrender to silence”. The art is so magical breathtaking that the artist of these cards needed a little more attention than the tiny tiny little 5 word sentence at the back of the “booklet” all the way on the bottom or the small print at the back of the box, the artist Claudia McKinney’s name should be right on the front of box next to Judith Orloff’s name. Seems kind of unfair to the artist since Judith Orloff didn’t write alot of stuff in the pamplet and cards.



Anyway, speaking of the “booklet” itself, this deck does not come with a book like all other Hay house lifestyles decks, it honestly dissapointed me, because it’s just a 9 or 10 inch piece of paper folded 3 times to get a lousy 4 or 5 pages out of it. And in this phamplet type booklet all it has is about the cards, how to use the cards and about the author and that’s it. Okay so maybe these cards don’t need any spreads at all, but I would have liked to see extended messages for each card, you know a more in depth meaning of every card like with all other oracle card decks, nope this deck doesn’t have it except what you see on the card itself, it’s nice and all but sometimes you need a more in depth meaning if you don’t understand, esspecially with begginers and ones who don’t like to rely on their intuition. But maybe this won’t be a problem for anyone else. These are still very beautiful and uplifting cards, the box is sturdy, the card stock is good, and the cards even have gilded edges, the artwork is magnificent and the messages are quite decent, my only complaints have been just with the artist being mentioned in tiny letters at the back of the phamplet on the bottom and back of box instead of being mentioned somewhere where people could actually see like the front of the box, and that the booklet is a dissapointment, but overall I would recommend this deck, it is very beautiful, inspiring and accurate.






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