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The Benefits Of Yoga and Tips to get started


Yoga, seems like everyone is doing it these days. I do too. I love yoga and have been doing it for over 5 years.
Yoga is more than just a physical exercise to tone and sculp your body, yoga works on your mind and health too, yoga teaches us disipline of body and mind, unity and harmony between them.
Anyone can do yoga, you don’t need to be some himilayan yoga master or monk or something like that. There are numerous books and videos out there to help get you started or even go deeper in your practice. If you are just biggening, then seek out books and videos meant for bigginers, then move up when you are ready. Yoga takes patience and disipline, even if you do not have those, yoga can slowly teach you those.
If you are interested in starting yoga, or you are just biggening your yoga journey or even if you have been doing it a while but did not know all the benefits to yoga besides the basics everyone tells you like physical body sculpting and stress reduction/ calming the mind, then here is something for you to learn about yoga, alot of something! Did you know there are over 50 benefits to doing yoga? Here is the whole list:

Physiological Benefits:

1. Stable atonomic nervous system equiblium
2. Pulse rate decreases
3. Respitory rate decreases
4. Blood pressure decreases
5. EEG alpha waves increase (theta,delta,beta)
6.EMG activity also decreases
7. Cardiovascular efficiency increases
8. Respiratory efficiency increases
9. Gastrointestinal function normalizes
10. Edocrine function normalizes
11. Excretory functions improve
12. Musculoskeletal flexability and joint range of motion increases
13. Breathe holding increases
14. Grip strength increases
15. Eye-Hand coordination improve
16. Dexterity skills improve
17. Reaction time improve
18. Posture improves
19. Strength and resilience increase
20. Endurance increase
21. Energy levels increase
22. Weight normalizes
23. Sleep improves
24. Immunity increases
25. Pain decreases
26. Steadiness improves
27. Depth perception  improves
28. Balance improves
29. Intergrated functioning of body parts increase.

Psychological Benefits:

30. Somatic and kinesthetic awarness increase
31. Mood improves and subjective well being increases
32. Self- Acceptance and self acvalization increases
33. Social adjustment increases
34. Anxiety and depression decrease
35. Hostility decreases
36. Concentration improves
37. Memory improves
38. Attention improves
39. Learning efficiency improves
40. Mood improves
41. Social skills improve
42. Symbol coding improves
43. Flicker fusion frequency improves

Biochemical Benefits:

44. Glucose decrease
45. Sodium decreases
46. Total cholesterol decreases
47. Triglycerides decrease
48. HDL cholesterol increase
49. LDL cholesterol decrease
50. VLDL cholesterol decrease
51. Cholinesterase increase
52. ATPASE increase
53. Hemoglobin increase
54. Hematocrit increase
55. Lymphocyte count increase
56. Total white blood cell count decrease
57. Vitamin c increases
58. Thyroxin increases
59. Total serum protien increases
60. Catecholamines decrease.

And there you have it. 60 benefits of doing yoga! Now you have no excuses not to try or do your yoga practice. Remember, you don’t have to sign up for a class, you can always do yoga right from the comfort of your own home.
Here are some tips to get started with yoga:

1. Don’t try to push yourself into doing a pose all the way, start off slow, stop if it gets uncomfortable to do the pose, only do to where you are comfortable in the pose and increase it little by little everytime you do yoga.

3. Pay attention to your breath. Most people make the mistake of getting into yoga just for the physical part but yoga Is about the unity of breath with the body, it’s more of a meditation than it is a exercise. Take long slow deep breaths, count them if you have to to keep yourself focused.

4. Establish a routine with yoga at the same days and same times. Take a day or two off everyweek.

5. It’s best to do yoga in the morning after you wake up to help start your day and give you energy, or right before bed to relax you and get ready for bed.

6. Wait at least 2 hours to do yoga if you have eaten something. You can do yoga right before you eat something.

7. Use pillows, books, stretchy bands and blocks to help you in your yoga practice until you get better and more comfortable.

8. Don’t wear super restricting clothes or super loose, one will be uncomfortable and tight during some poses and rhe other will get in your way, esspecially during inversions. Dress comfortably, not to tight or too loose.

9. To make your yoga practice more special it helps to diffuse some essential oils or incense in the room and put on some soothing music while you do yoga, this will help you to relax even more.

10. If you are feeling brave and want a more fresher and new yoga experience, try doing it at different places, like on the grass outside or on the beach.

11. You are not going to become a yogi master overnight, it takes practice, time, patience and disipline. So keep at it everyday and you will get better, learn new things about yoga and yourself.

12. Remember, consult with your doctor first to see if yoga is right for you, esspecially if you have a health problem.

13. Always listen to your body and intuition, if you are uncomfortable or in pain stop what you are doing. Never push through pain because you will just hurt yourself even more.


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