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The moon goddess symbolizes the connection between the moon and earth. She reminds us that we need to connect to and live in harmony with the moons phases as they affect our bodies and our minds, the oceans, plants, and animals. By connecting to and living in harmony with these cycles we can better understand ourselves and all life on this planet. Each cycle has its own benefits and strengths that you can use to gain knowledge and wisdom. Only by learning to live with these natural lunar cycles will your journey through life become smoother and more enjoyable.
Take notice how the varying phases of the moon affect your mood and your body and learn to plan your life according to them. Do not resist them.
Understand they are phases you must go through. Once you accept these cycles you can use each to your own benefit, learning when you will be at your peak performance or when it is best to rest or move into a more passive stage of your life.

Card and Reading from: Conscious Spirit oracle deck.


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