11 Principles Of Life


1. Always seek and strive for balance: pray and meditate daily. Beware external materialism that disconnects the mind from the spirit.

2. Display integrity and honesty in your work and private life.

3. Treat your body as a temple: Eat healthy foods and stay active.

4. Connect with nature daily: Take time to notice the beauty of nature and the universe, and you will find beauty within yourself.

5. Do not judge: Accept and perceive the world through another’s eyes and heart; do not do unto others as you would not have done onto you.

6. Above all, preserve childhood innocence; treat every child with love and affection. Model morals and values in your own actions.

7. Always persue your passions.

8. Maintain a connection with the universe through creativity; read/write daily and tap into artistic influence daily to recognize the beauty of the soul.

9. Display always the confidence to walk through the doors of personal evolution: have the ability to recognize the signs of your soul’s desire to overcome challenges.

10. Recognize nothing is in your control other than the choices you are presented within the moment. Understand that there is a lesson to be learned in every decision you make, if you choose to ignore the lessons of personal evolution, the universe will teach you this lesson by force.

11. Think peace always.


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