Rose Inspiration

Photo of a Rose I took

             (Above photo taken by me)

Roses are red, violets are blue, I can’t think of any other way to finish this poem, how about you?

Roses, my favorite flower. Beautiful, colorful, aromatic and sensual. One of the most popular flowers, esspecially for a man to give to a woman as an expression of love.
Did you know it takes 1000 pounds of roses just to make 1 pound of rose essential oil? No wonder it’s so expensive !
Roses can increase passion and love in a relationship and also attract new love.
There are thousands of species of roses and roses come in many different colors, the most popular being red.

Here are some more facts about Roses:


1.Rose is the sign of love, peace, desire, romance and passion.

2. Rose comes in different colors and each has different meanings. Some of them are as follows:

Red Rose:
facts about rose flowers-2Used to express love. When you present deep red roses to your beloved, it shows real romantic feelings. If you gather 12 deep red rose, it literally conveys “I Love You” and “Be mine”.

White Rose:
facts about rose flowers-1It is the sign of innocence and purity. It is used to convey sympathy and spirituality.

Yellow Rose:
facts about rose flowers-3They are the sign of excitement. When you gift yellow roses to your dear one, it evokes joy and warm. If you gift someone yellow flowers, then it literally shows pure platonic emotions.

Pink Rose:
facts about rose flowers-4Though there are many different variations in pink color but in general pink roses convey joy, gratitude and admiration. They are also the signs of innocence and sweetness.

Orange Rose:
facts about rose flowers-5
It is used to express pride, favor and intense desire towards someone.
Blue Rose: It exactly conveys the message: “I can’t stop myself thinking about you”.

Lavender Rose: Love at 1st sight. When you gift these roses to someone, then it literally shows that you adore them to the core.

Black Rose: Death or end of a relationship.

3. Rose petals can be used to make jam and drank by mixing it with water to cool down the body. It also prevents some heart problems.

4.Rose flowers can be used for making natural face packs for glowing skin.
A rose have medicinal value as well and has been practiced since ancient times.

5.Studies have shown that they can be used as a remedy for preventing cancer growth.

6.There are over 15,000 different species of rose which are cultivated in different colors at various parts of the world.

7.Rose hip contains more vitamin C when compared to any vegetable or fruit.

8. Roses can be used to make rose water, rose essential oil, used in blush and lipstick.

9. The most expensive and exclusive rose in this world costs £24.49 which are the breed of some multicolored roses.

10.The 3 days in which roses are sold most are: Mother’s day, Christmas day and Valentine’s Day.

11.Compared to other rose colors, the one which counts the high sales is none other than “Red Roses”.

12. Roses can live a long time.The oldest rose is believed to be of 1000 years which literally grows on walls of Cathedral of Hildesheim, Germany.
According to a survey, nearly 85% of Americans chose rose as their favorite flower.


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