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Natural Jasmine-Lavender-Clary Sage Perfume Recipe


How to make natural perfume using essentials oils of Jasmine,Lavender,Clary Sage and Patchouli.

I am always trying to replace more and more chemical cosmetics and products with natural alternatives. Regular store bought and even some of the more high end expensive perfumes make me sick to my stomach because they are way to strong and have a really gross unatural scent, and having a natural perfume like this one doesnt effect me like store bought perfumes do.
You would think perfume would be hard to make but it really isn’t! Perfumes bought in stores are one of the biggest offenders when it comes to chemicals and one of the biggest health concerns.
Most perfumes you would typicly buy are filled with hundreds of chemicals that make up the fragrance of it, plus preservatives and added colors and who knows what else. And one of the best things about natural perfumes is you can play around with the scents and make a wide range of your own different scented perfumes using essential oil and that it only take a few ingredients and you know what you are putting in your homade perfume and on your body.

This particular perfume I made smells amazing, lasts almost all day and was super easy to make!

Recipe for natural Jasmine,Lavender, clary Sage perfume.

You will need:

• 4oz Amber or Cobalt glass spray bottle
• Vodka ( Any kind will work, I used Absolute Vodka)
• Glycerin
• Pure Jasmine Essential oil or a jasmine essential oil blend, lavender essential oil, clary sage essential oil and patchoulli essential oil.


1. Make sure you have cleaned and sanitized your bottle.

2. Fill up bottle 3/4 of the way of vodka.
3.Add in 1 tablespoon of glycerin in the bottle, and shake it up to mix.

4. Add in 10 drops Patchoulli essential oil first and shake it up to mix. (Base note)

5. Next add in 20 drops lavender essential oil and mix. (Middle note)

6. Next add in 15 drops of clary sage essential oil and mix. (Top Note)

7. Last but not least add in 20 drops pure undiluted jasmine essential oil or 30 to 35 drops of jasmine essential oil blend and mix.

8. Add in more vodka to fill the rest of the bottle up and shake up to mix.

(Top Note)

And your Perfume is done! Now most people will say to let the perfume age by placing it in a dark area and shaking it up now and then for 2 weeks to a month, but I say you don’t have too because I dont, the point of it is for all the ingredients to mix together and create a stronger scent, but my thing is it’s going to age no matter what, so if you want to go ahead and use some now without aging go ahead, if you want to age it first go ahead and do that too.
All I can say is I am impatient and I don’t wait, it ages anyway each time I use it (and I only use it every other day).
I made it about 3 weeks ago, the initial smell was strong at first when I made it, but now it’s even stronger, but in a good way and I still have plenty left.


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