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Magical Times Empowerment Cards



Magical Times Empowerment cards Review

One of the most cutest oracle decks, the art is unique and colorful and very inviting. This deck was created by Jody Bergsma who also is the artist of this deck. There are 44 inspirational cards, each their own color, with different kinds of animals, angels , mermaids and faries on them, Coupled with a short inspirational saying at the bottom of the card.
The box it comes with is a hard sturdy box, but a very different kind of box than most oracle card decks I’ve seen. This box has a flap on top that you can’t really close all the way, once it’s opened it kind of just stays slightly open all the time unless you tape it down or something. I do not like this kind of top/box, and prefer the ones from other oracle decks.


This deck comes with a small 28 page black and white booklet that has affirmations for each card and that’s it. I don’t care for the booklet itself, it’s very flimsy and cheap looking but the affirmations are beautiful.


The back of the cards have this neat colorful chakra sacred geometry shape.


Reading I have done with this deck have been pretty accurate but it’s kind of one of those decks you could only use as a daily draw or a single or multiple card draw for inspiration.
The cards themselves are sturdy and not super thin, they feel like bycicle playing cards to me because of the slippery kind of gloss or finish they have on them. These cards do not have gilded edges.
I really love these cards all in all!

Here are some of my favorite cards:





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