Oracle Cards

Goodnight Oracle Card Draw

Tonight’s goodnight oracle card draw for everyone who is reading this. (Remember there are no coincidences! Everything happens for a reason, so there’s a reason you saw this)



MEANING: Nothing you can ever do or say – or even think – can be done in a vacuum. Everything you do, say, or think affects the entire planet, quite literally – and even goes beyond the boundaries of your planet. Every being in all of creation is affected by your every thought, word, and deed. Every kind thought you have will touch someone and uplift them. Every angry word you utter will touch someone. Every good deed you do will touch someone. All you do affects all that is. With this awareness you will discover an expanding sense of compassion. Compassion for yourself, your loved ones, your friends – even your enemies – and, ultimately, for all beings. With this compassionate awareness, in turn, will come a growing and deepening sense of connectedness with all beings. None of you can exist alone, even if you wanted to. Learn to be compassionate with all that is. Compassion can literally transform your world.

Card and meaning from : Spirit Oracle catds by John Cali.


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